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Safety & Convenience

AhnLab Blockchain Company supports the protection of individuals' content and assets and creates a user-driven world in the world of WEB3.0 and metaverse, while enhancing our core competitiveness in security technology and wallets and researching the new technologies required.
Prepare for the upcoming virtual economy era with us.

Why is security important
in WEB 3.0?

Security is crucial in WEB3.0 due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, which makes it vulnerable to attacks. Users must keep their private keys secure to prevent unauthorized access to their assets, and data theft can lead to serious issues like identity theft and fraud.

Scam-prone dApp

In a WEB3.0 environment where all the responsibility is on the user, it's hard for users to know if a dApp is behaving as intended, and hard for them to protect themselves from the many scams that have exploited this.

Protecting wallets

Every blockchain transaction starts with a wallet, and mismanagement of private keys and connections to wallets is responsible for the largest percentage of security incidents. However, key management is extremely cumbersome and challenging.

Unvalidated smart contracts

Smart contracts used for transactions and token exchanges require programming knowledge and are time-consuming and difficult for users to verify.

Blockchain Company

AhnLab Blockchain Company is a subsidiary of Korea's No. 1 security company, established with the mission of providing a convenient and secure WEB3.0 experience for users of all ages and cultures.
Based on the security DNA inherited from its parent company, AhnLab is researching various blockchain fields and is conducting a global digital wallet business by developing technologies for smart contracts, NFTs, and auditing.

Multichain Crypto Wallet

Safe and convenient gateway to Web3

ABC Wallet

Your first step to a decentralized future is here. Enhanced blockchain experience with superior security and diverse features that strongly support Web3.

  • Powered by MPC Technology

    Experience a non-custodial wallet, safer without the hassle of mnemonic management

  • Supported by multi-chain

    Multi-chain, multi-lingual wallet available in most of EVM networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn.

  • Backed by AhnLab

    Fostered by AhnLab, no.1 cyber security company in Korea for 28 years, providing higher reliability and safety.

Blockchain Intelligence

Prevent suspicious transactions


BICscan is blockchain intelligence providing an integrated search service for risk score, metadata, and pricing from various engines with comparative analysis and comprehensive threat score.

  • Intuitive Risk Scoring

    Scan for suspicious activity across contracts, addresses, and dApps with a single query.

  • Reliable Metadata

    Multiple engines providing metadata with high accuracy and reliability can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

  • Developer-Friendly API

    APIs are highly developer-friendly, making it easy to integrate with your business in a variety of environments.

Decentralized ID

Identity proof
in decentralized world


Decentralized Identity Proof is a technology that allows individuals to prove who they are and what they have done on the blockchain, and can be used for anything from ID cards to gaming avatars.

Ahnlab Blockchain Company provides customized DID service in packages for both public and private blockchain networks based on customers’ need with partnerships of WEB3.0 businesses.

Building trusted Web3 environment
with our partners
Building WEB3.0 Safe & Convenient
with AhnLab Blockchain Company

Blockchain Talents Fostering

AhnLab Blockchain Company has constantly publicized security incident examples related to phishing and scams. We are also committed to contributing to the growth of the next generation representing the blockchain community.

Blockchain Product Development

With our knowledge and know-how in security, ABC Wallet offers users both convenience and safety with with financial institution-level security and mnemonic-free convenience.

Blockchain Infrastructure

We are contributing to the formation of blockchain infrastructure through active partnerships with Web3 teams and business.


Partnership Inquiries

We are open to various partnerships to provide users with new values and opportunities on blockchain.

We are looking forward to co-creating the blockchain world with many of the leading players in the blockchain scene, including Metaverse, Game, Cross Bridge, Swap, DeX, DeFi, and Decentralized ID.

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Blockchain Company

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